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Celebrating Bill Doggett


Available in small, medium, large, extra large $20

Bill Doggett Centennial T Shirt

T Shirt

Bill Doggett Centennial T Shirt

Centennial Tribute DVD $15

Bill Doggett Centennial DVD


Bill Doggett Centennial DVD

Created expressly as a keepsake, this Memory Lane dvd is filled with great music, rare footage, photographs taken by Bill Doggett family members from 1936-1961 and an excerpt of the very special 80th birthday phone call that I made to my uncle Bill on February 17th, 1996. You get to hear the voice of Bill Doggett at the time of his 80th birthday. He died 9 months later on 11/13/1996

This special dvd opens with the incredible promotional documentary short created expressly for the ocassion by the gifted filmographer, Andy Kimmel 

 A Must Have for Bill Doggett fans